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Writers/Directors – Development angels



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16 filmmakers selected each year from all over the world wanting to develop a feature film project (fiction) within a limited budget film development and production frame: LIM is welcoming writers / directors with a first, second or third feature project, as well as artists coming from theatre, documentary and visual arts, who apply with a project at an early stage of development.
LIM programme includes three one-week workshops between March and October 2021 – two residential workshops and one online – as well as a tailor-made Showcase Event to benefit from the inputs of industry professionals coming from all over Europe.
In 2021, like in 2020, we will create the best combination possible to help the filmmakers give birth to their projects, within collective dynamics and inputs from our tutors / consultants, despite Covid constraints.

Writers / directors (applying with a project at an early stage of development)

850 signs maximum – spaces included (= 10 lines)

Short treatment
15 000 signs maximum – spaces included (= 3 pages)

Director’s intention note stating your purpose, what kind of film do you have in mind, and tell us why do you want to develop this project now ?
5 000 signs maximum – spaces included (= 1 page)

Letter stating why and how you intend to shoot this film with a limited or very limited budget
(don’t tell us you won’t pay anybody… or your country is cheap anyway, we need a bit more substance)
5 000 signs maximum – spaces included (= 1 page)

Biography / Experience
850 signs maximum – spaces included (= 10 lines)

Filmography and/or other works
Maximum of 10 films + links to watch these 10 films

Link to one previous film/artwork the most representative of your writer/director touch

Tell Me (4 to 5 minutes maximum): in addition to the documents you are sending for your application, we would like you to send us what we call a “Tell Me” which is a short video of yourself pitching your project. This video should be:
A Webcam shot in one take, as simple as possible, no editing.
Should just be you telling us the story you have in mind, taking us close to your main character(s) struggle.
Give as much as possible a vision of where the story goes (beginning, middle and end), what will be the drive, as well as the atmosphere. Please, try to take/catch use even if you’re in a very beginning stage of development.

NB: The working language of all LIM workshops, meetings and events is English; thus, a good knowledge of English is essential in order to participate.

The participation fee is 900 EUR for writers/directors. This amount covers workshop training, on-line sessions, accommodation and subsistence during the workshops. Participants must pay travel costs. Scholarships can be allocated for travel costs to participants from countries with no support mechanisms. We encourage participants to apply for financial support with their national/regional funding bodies first. In many countries, grants are available for this training.