Michał Walczak



He was trained as a director at Warsaw’s Theatre Academy and Andrzej Wajda Film School. Building on the tragi-comical rough-and-tumble between the sexes, with the cruelty and humor of mutual misunderstanding, Walczak is considered one of the most prolific Polish playwrights and theatre directors of the younger generation. To date, Walczak’s oeuvre include over 20 theatre pieces. His play The Sandbox was staged at 50 different theaters across Poland and the US, and translated into 20 languages. Walczak addresses themes that are quite specific to the Polish theatre scene in a way that his quite fresh and original; themes of national identity, and the dilemmas that Poles have confront between themselves. He has succesfully worked with different genres from stand-up, musical to sitcom, circus show and tv series. In 2012 Walczak created Pożar w Burdelu / A fire in a brothel in Warsaw, a political and literary cabaret aiming at discussing social events in Poland. So far they have staged over 40 plays. He also writes for cinema: his script “The night of living toys” took part in Scripteast workshop and was pitched in Film Festiwal in Cannes 2019.


Night in the Kindergarten