Boosting Ideas Workshop

An initiative

for Irish professionals by


For Scriptwriters and for Directors
& For Creative Producers

2024 Call for entries is now closed.

In partnership with the European training development programme LIM | Less is More, Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland offers the chance for up to 10 Irish participants to take part in a six-days’ workshop from 21-26 April 2024, focusing on the creative process prior to writing.

LIM Boosting Ideas Workshop aims at helping Scriptwriters and Directors to dig deeper into emotion, structure and the power of the story at early stage, before entering in the long run for development and even before writing.
As for Creative producers, the aim is to strengthen their ability to follow the development phase of feature film projects by discovering new tools to help an exciting development process, and in the meantime help the author shape and strengthen both story and meaning.
LIM embraces limitations as a catalyst for exciting film experiences and in doing so, bring out a filmmaker’s imprint, enabling their work to stand out. The idea that the more that can be explored and determined prior to the writing process beginning, the more powerful a first draft will be.

We do not select creative teams of a Writer and a Producer already working together. But the week of the workshop offers to gather a variety of filmmakers / professionals from different backgrounds, so as to explore the dynamic and dig into the best of this collaboration.

Scriptwriters and Directors will be asked to apply with an idea / an early-stage project for a fiction feature film they would explore through the week. Applying with the summary of an advanced script is not advised.
Creative producers apply without a project.

LIM/Le Groupe Ouest brings to the table its past fifteen years of methodological research, combining inputs from cognitive sciences and the concrete results of fruitful experiences all over Europe around the concept of Prewriting tools.
Two international script-consultants from LIM/Le Groupe Ouest will create a safe environment and invite the participants to tackle early-stage ideas and strengthen them before entering into the long run of development.