Ainhoa Gutiérrez del Pozo


Basque Country, Spain

Ainhoa Gutiérrez del Pozo (Donostia, 1994) is a filmmaker and researcher. She graduated from the University of the Basque Country in Fine Arts and completed her Master’s degree in Documentary Film at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires and at the Territory module at the Huarte Contemporary ArtsCentre (Navarra).

She has worked with other artists on pieces that blend contemporary art with the rural world, and her film work focuses on this interplay. She is currently in the post-production phase of her first feature film, SOMEWHAT WILD, co-directed with the visual anthropologist Olatz González Abrisketa. She has taken part in conferences and round tables on film at Artium, Tabakalera and the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. She is currently working on her PhD in science fiction and hydroelectric power stations.


Abaño, 2086

In the future, energy is running out. It is winter 2086. The world has collapsed, and there is hardly any electricity left anywhere on earth. Akuario (32) lives alone in an abandoned hydroelectric power station, and she has a plan: for the bees to outlive humanity. She uses what’s left of the electric power on the wellbeing of the beehives and also to overcome the loneliness and anxiety that the end of the world has generated in her.

One day, coming down the road that runs parallel to the red river, Sașa (41) arrives in Abaño in an electric blue car. They fall in love, but soon an argument breaks out: Sașa knows that the electricity generated by the power plant could power her return trip to Bucharest, while it has been years since Akuario exploited the river for his own benefit.

Ethics, love and science fiction in times of apocalypse.