Alice Lusher


Wales, UK

With over 20 years experience working across high-end tv drama and film, Alice founded ie ie productions’ drama department in 2015 with support from FfCW and the BFI – building on the company’s reputation for creating ground-breaking, cross-platform content with international reach. Inspired by creatives working across disciplines, she has developed a diverse slate of projects, often working with new talent in Wales. She collaborates with writers and directors to tell stories from under-represented voices and find sustainable ways to realise their vision, whilst making commercially viable film and television for global audiences. Her award-winning shorts have screened internationally and she’s been selected for schemes such as Filmonomics, Crew, 2019, BFI Insight 2020/21 and Rotterdam Producers Lab 2021.

Selected Filmography

2020 I Choose — short film
Written by Tina Pasotra & Alice Lusher
Directed by Tina Pasotra
2019 Merched Parchus (Respectable Girls) — short form drama series
Created by and starring Hanna Jarman and Mari Beard
Directed by Claire Fowler
Produced by Alice Lusher
2018 But Where Are You From? — short dance film
Directed by Tina Pasotra
Produced by Alice Lusher
2017/2018 Elen — short children’s film
Written & Composed by Lisa Jen Brown
Produced by Alice Lusher
Directed by Andy Newbury
2012 Once And For All — short film
Written & Directed by Ben Strebel
Produced by Alice Lusher