Alina Grigore

Writer / Director


I have a bachelor degree at UNATC – Bucharest, Acting/ Directing department. I worked with Romanian directors such as Cristi Puiu for Aurora and Adrian Sitaru. Adrian introduced me to script writing and over the years I’ve developed a mentorship relation with him. I became passionate about cognitive mechanisms involved in film. I founded the Inlight Center – a place where, along with students, we practice multiple methods for exploring the scenic process. In 2014 I began work researching script development and directing with director Adrian Sitaru for the film ILLEGITIMATE. The film travelled receiving awards among which the C.I.C.A.E. award in Berlinale Film Festival, section Forum and brought me Best Script Award in Namur Film Festival and Angela Award for writing and acting at Subtitle Film Festival. I am a Berlinale Talents Alumni of 2018.


The Bears and the Bees

The story depicts the struggle between fighting for or letting go of ones principles. In a fairytale landscape in the mountains, different mentalities and education lead to major conflicts. Here, violence is proof of devotion to family. We follow the relationship between Liviu, a boy from the mountains who dropped out of school early and Irina the cousin who, although poor, is an avid reader. Over the years Liviu tries to educate Irina as family tradition dictates, using physical violence. Unable to fight back, Irina leads a silent rebellion. Initially, Liviu is the aggressor and Irina the victim but as we move on the roles are reversed and the victim, Irina, becomes a subtle, much more dangerous aggressor. We observe social conflict from the viewpoints of those who are educated and those who are not, giving credit to both sides. To what extent will we fight for our principles when not fighting for them works to our advantage?