Alina Matochkina


Ukraine & Germany

Alina Matochkina – Director, scriptwriter, editor and visual artist. Was born in 1988 in the East of Ukraine, in Starobilsk. Her first graduation was FINANCE. In 2006 moved to Kyiv. 2017-2019 studied at Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, specialty “Director of a documentary film”. Worked at video production for 9 years, shooting advertisements, clips, documentary videos. In 2018, won the main prize for the best social advertising at the Molodiya Festival. In 2022 finished her first full-length documentary ADA.

From June 2022 based in Berlin.



The daughter, who has been living in the capital for a long time, gradually loses contact with her mother, who remains to live in a small town in eastern Ukraine. Their relationship is based on short and very intense conversations via video connection. The daughter is outraged by the position of the mother, who does not enjoy life, but is afraid to change something, and the mother does not consider it necessary to listen to her daughter’s advice and is annoyed by her teachings. In parallel with the revolution in a country where their views diverge radically, they reach a limit where communication seems almost impossible. But the daughter, trying to arrange her personal life, understands that the relationship with her mother is fundamental and tries to restore the lost connection. Due to very frank and sometimes painful topics, they gradually begin to hear and understand each other. The film spans eight years of the characters’ lives. In the end, the mother decides to make cardinal changes, but suddenly a war begins.