Alina Matochkina


Ukraine & Germany

Alina Matochkina – film director, scriptwriter, and editor. Was born in 1988 in eastern Ukraine, in Starobilsk. In 2006 moved to Kyiv.

Her first graduation is “Finance”. 2017-2019 studied at the Kyiv University of Theater, Cinema, and Television of Karpenko-Kary, specialty “Director of a documentary film”. Worked in video production for the last 10 years. In 2018, won the main prize for the best social advertising at the Molodiya Festival. In 2022 finished her first full-length self-produced documentary “ADA”.

From 2022 based in Berlin.




Lydia (25) doesn’t like her job in one of Kyiv’s banks and unsuccessfully tries to build a relationship with a girl.
In the course of self-development, she learns that happiness in her personal life directly depends on her relationship with her mother. Using the knowledge from psychology podcasts, Lydia looks for ways to get in touch with her mother, but the girlfriend still doesn’t appear. An acquaintance with an odd photographer Anatoly (70) opens her to new landmarks in life, provokes radical changes, and helps Lydia prove herself.
Step by step, she peels away the layers of acquired images and discovers her true face. But it is much easier for her to open up to strangers than to her own mother.