Almudena Monzú

Producer & Story Editor


Almudena’s first job in a production company took her to Cuba with the film « Titón, de La Habana a Guantanamera », starting a personal and professional liaison to Latin America which goes on until today. She has been involved in the writing and development of both fiction and documentary projects which have received support from Spanish ICAA, Catalonia’s ICEC, the Ibermedia Programme, the Nipkow Programm, Sources 2 and the MEDIA Programme, among others.

In late 2016 she co-founded with Venezuelan producer-director Andrea H. Catalá the company Amor & Lujo, based in Barcelona, where she is the head of development. She also collaborates as a freelance screenwriter for some of the main production companies in Catalonia. Almudena has been professionally active as a story editor since 2019, and was a story editor trainee in TorinoFilmLab’s Script Lab 2020.