Amanda Nell Eu

Writer / Director


Having graduated from the London Film School with an MA in Filmmaking, Amanda moved back to Malaysia to work as a scriptwriter and development executive for feature films and scripted formats in regional broadcast.
Her short film, LAGI SENANG JAGA SEKANDANG LEMBU, premiered in competition in the 74th Venice Film Festival 2017. The film has continued to travel onto many international film festivals, including receiving the Special Jury Mention in the International Short Film Festival Clermont Ferrand 2018.
In 2018, she is developing her first feature film TIGER STRIPES, which has taken part in the South East Asian Film Lab in Singapore (2017) and is part of LIM | Less is More 2018. In her work, she likes to explore the female body and identity within the South East Asian context.


Tiger Stripes

11-year-old Zaffan is a confident and free- spirited girl, until she experiences horrifying physical changes. While her emotions and urges are constantly flipping from one extreme to the next, she realises that her body is morphing at an alarming and frightening rate. All this while trying to maintain normality in front of her two best friends at school.
Her body however reaches a state where she is no longer able to hide it anymore and all hysteria breaks loose at school – teenage girls drop to the floors in fits, turning into an epidemic spread across the village. Rumours about Zaffan’s monstrous transformation have made even her own parents fear her. Labelled as a demon, Zaffan faces confinement and isolation… that is until Zaffan decides to reveal her true self to the world.