An Feyfer

Head of talent development

Flanders, Belgium

Out of great passion for culture and in particular film and television, I went to study cinematography at Narafi Filmschool in Brussels.
After graduating I didn’t have the confidence to say that I was a director, so I chose for a job that is very close, editing. I was hired as an editor by the Flemish commercial television station. There I first worked for the news, later I progressed to work on longer factual programs, editing trailers and some children fiction programs.
In 2004 I started teaching at Narafi Filmschool. Where I gave a course in editing, a course on creativity and diversity in media and guided students with their short films and documentaries.
I found out that guiding young filmmakers is something I am quite good at, so after teaching for 14 years the job as head of talent development at VAF was the natural next step.