Anthony Nti



Anthony is a Ghanaian-born filmmaker from Belgium. He studied film at the RITCS in Brussels. His short films « Kwaku », « Boi » were festival favorites. His latest film « Da Yie » won the Grand Prix at the 2020 International Short Film Festival Clermont Ferrand. Currently working on his first feature-length film « Postcard » & TV-show « Clemenceau ». « Postcard » won second prize at the Sam Spiegel FilmLab & « Clemenceau » was selected for Torino Series Lab.
Anthony co-wrote and directed the miniseries, « SHAQ », for VRT. In 2020, he was listed as one of the most promising filmmakers in Belgium and Netherlands by the NRC, Dutch national newspapers.



During the summer music festival in Ghent, a Belarussian family, consisting of a mother, Olga, and her two kids, Ana and Vlad, grapples with their deportation order. They have one last appeal left and Olga, who wants to marry another refugee, Simal, refuses to simply pack her things and leave. Ana, her fifteen year old daughter, disagrees with this decision, but has to help her find another place to stay when the police come to visit their old home. Given the fact that Simal is a Kurdish muslim, makes matters worse, as the Russian Orthodox community refuses to accept the union.
Ana has had a prophetic dream that once they’re back in their home country, everything will be okay. Knowing that the only thing standing in the way is the love between her mom and Simal, she will do whatever it takes to get them home.
« Festival » is a story about forbidden love, broken families and the pain of not belonging. While the city celebrates, a small family tries to find its place in the world.