Arun Deo Joshi

Writer / Director


As a journalist I have spent more than two decades in TV. A passionate film-goer since my student days I’ve always wanted to make a decent film. Through my work in TV I became familiar with visual medium and developed my passion for cinema with the desire to tell stories. I have a few documentaries and three short films to my credit as director. These films have been selected at different film festivals worldwide and obtained awards. My short film KAMARO (A SLAVE) received several National and International awards. Other short films DIYALEE and SAMAYANTER also did well in several international film festivals. I have also worked on several international cinema projects in Nepal as production manager. I serve as Chairman of Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival an annual event held in Kathmandu Nepal.



This is a story of a house in a remote nepalese village during the civil war between Maoist guerrillas and the Royal Army. During a “HORI” (also known as HOLI, a festival of colours) celebration, the family awaits the return of a family member, a migrated bread winner.
A 6 year old boy, his mother and his grandfather welcome the man home in the evening. The joy of reuniting is dampened by a hearty knock on the door. The door opens and a Maoist guerrilla troop invades the house asking for shelter for the night.
A bit later there is another knock at the door. The man opens to a Royal Army troop searching for the guerillas. The guerillas manage to hide. The Army searches the house, finds no one and leaves.
With the heavy rain, the Army is forced to return to the house for shelter. The house owner manages to hide both troops on different floors of the same house.
All night long the family lives in terror of a possible encounter between the enemies at war.