by Panagiotis Charamis

LIM | Less is More 2018

in production

produced by: Ελλάδα (Greece)


Chainsaw Europe Award – Transilvania Pitch Stop, TIFF 2022

feature film

AVANOS tells the story of Tasos, a detainee on a short prison-release returning to his hometown near the borders between Greece and Turkey after 17 years absence, to attend his mother’s memorial service. There he finds out that his ex-girlfriend’s (Kiki) son could well be his own child. During his search for the truth, Tasos realizes that his Uncle Pater, the local smuggler and his ex-partner in crime, has gone crazy and has turned the village into living hell, dragging Kiki’s son nikos in with him. As events start to escalate, Tasos discovers that nikos might actually be Pater’s son. In a final attempt to attain salvation, he decides to stay and take on one“last” job to help Kiki escape from the village and save nikos from a dark future. On the night of the “job” things go wrong and Tasos watches as nikos is killed. Tasos has no choice. Once again, Tasos pulls the trigger; on the man he went to prison for, his father figure and uncle, Pater himself.