Blandine Jet


Brittany, France

Blandine Jet turned to film scriptwriting after 20 years of writing and directing for theatre. Her first short film script JETER L’ANCRE UN SEUL JOUR received an award for the Best Film Project at the Côté Court Festival, was purchased by France 2, sponsored by the Brittany Region, the Beaumarchais Grant and the CNC’s funding contribution. Her first feature film project LE BRUIT DES ANGES was selected for Le Groupe Ouest 2017 Annual Selection.


Survie (Survival)

The sea, summer.
Caroline, 35 years old, unenthusiastically embarks on a boat to go sailing with Guillaume her husband and Hugo their 10 year old son. she hates sailing but once again, docile, she gives in to the will of her charismatic and manipulative husband.
At sea, in the middle of the night, the boat is seriously damaged and Guillaume badly injured. Caroline has to overcome her panic, evacuate her husband and child on a survival raft.
Her family’s destiny is now in her hands. Drifting for days and nights on end, Caroline struggles to keep her injured husband and scared and dehydrated child alive. Against all odds, she affronts the situation with the bravery she didn’t know she had. As she gains her son’s trust Caroline grows stronger and her attitude towards her husband changes.
She knows now that there is no turning back – whatever the price.