Brian Deane

Writer / Director


Brian has 35 nominations & 27 International awards from the world’s top festivals for his drama work including Seattle, Newport, Cleveland, Palm Springs & TIFF. He is a Berlinale Talent & made history in 2016 by being the first director to have two short films in competition at the world famous horror Fantastic Film Festival in Sitges Catalonia. His distinctive style & ability to bring complex & compelling stories to life has made him a rising star in the Irish Film Industry. He is passionately compelled to bring the stories of outsiders, misfits and those left on the margins of society to the big screen. Renowned for his characterization and naturalistic performances his work always carries with it a confident, atmospheric and beautiful form. He is drawn like a moth to the flame towards finding beauty and truth in the darkest of stories.



HEATHER is the story of a schoolgirl in Ireland in the 1960s, trapped in a toxic co-dependent relationship with her narcissistic mother, she finds herself repressed in her home, her church and her society. She feels lost and alone until a circus comes to spend the winter near the town, there she discovers a rag tag group of misfits that show her another life. She begins a relationship with Elia, a foreign wolf trainer and is inadvertently bitten by a wild wolf cub. In the weeks that follow, Heather is troubled by sexual urges and a craving for raw meat culminating in her transformation into a wolf. As she discovers the power of her own nature she begins to stand up against her mother and the church but when animals are found slaughtered and the school principal is mauled to death, the town turns on the circus. The only way for Heather to save them is to confront her mother and the town but in doing so she will have to reveal who she really is and sacrifice herself for her new family.