Brian Deane

Writer / Director


Brian has 35 nominations & 27 International awards from the world’s top festivals for his drama work including Seattle, Newport, Cleveland, Palm Springs & TIFF. He is a Berlinale Talent & made history in 2016 by being the first director to have two short films in competition at the world famous horror Fantastic Film Festival in Sitges Catalonia. His distinctive style & ability to bring complex & compelling stories to life has made him a rising star in the Irish Film Industry. He is passionately compelled to bring the stories of outsiders, misfits and those left on the margins of society to the big screen. Renowned for his characterization and naturalistic performances his work always carries with it a confident, atmospheric and beautiful form. He is drawn like a moth to the flame towards finding beauty and truth in the darkest of stories.


The Vision

The vision tells the story of Michael, a single parent trying to raise his two kids in rural poverty-stricken Ireland in the present day. After his son Sean, see’s a vision of a woman in white near the ancient Dolmen on the family’s land, he ends up unconscious and crying tears of blood. The local community believe that the boy has seen a vision of the Virgin Mary and that Sean along with this mystery woman can bring prosperity back to the struggling rural town. Michael is desperate to protect his two kids, and fears that Sean will die if he returns to the Dolman. In order to protect his family he finds himself battling his estranged wife, his community and the supernatural forces that continue to pull Sean towards a mysterious and unknown fate using more and more extreme measures.