Céline Pourveur



After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Sciences in 2005, with a specialization in video installation, at the University of Maastricht (NL), I started Film Studies at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (BE). Throughout these studies, I learnt a great deal about script development and film language. I got my Bachelor’s degree and applied to the KASK – School of Arts (BE) to complete my education with a Master’s degree in 2009.
Afterwards, I went on to work seven years in the film and television industry, as a 2nd Assistant Director and from 2014 on, as the Production Assistant for the Belgian production company Savage Film. All this assignments taught me a lot about the production process, project development, communication strategies for artistic projects.
In 2017, I started to redirect my attention to transversal art practices when I did production and distribution for the non-profit artist collective Tripot. I founded the company rhizom-art in 2018. I also worked for a year for the socio-cultural sector as a Communications Officer. All these experiences cemented the philosophy behind rhizom-art and the services we provide to support artists in their creative endeavours.


rhizom-art is a Belgian production and distribution platform that supports audiovisual artists developing transversal practices. We work on the crossroads of cinema, performance, theatre, dance and visual arts.

Projects rhizom-art:

2017- 2018
MOVING IMAGES (mixed media installation) – Maurits Wouters (finished)
Distribution: rhizom-art
THE CREAMY CHEESY MEATFUL (short film) – Johannes Broux (finished)
Distribution: rhizom-art
Production: RITCS – School of Arts

LOOKING FOR A HOME (short film) – Johannes Broux (finished)
Distribution: rhizom-art
Production: RITCS – School of Arts
DRONE (documentary) – Maurits Wouters (development)
Production: rhizom-art & Maurits Wouters
SEASCAPE (short film) – Leni Huyghe (finished)
Promotion: rhizom-art
Production: Cobra Films
VIDEOS “RAB / BKO” (finished)
Concept & realization: rhizom-art
Production: Réseau des Arts à Bruxelles / Brussels Kunstenoverleg

UP HERE (musical theatre) – Gillis Sacré (development)
Production: Meer vzw & rhizom-art

Photo Robert Słuszniak