Christian Bonke



Christian Holten Bonke, A graduate of the Danish National Film School, now a director and screenwriter who seamlessly blends documentary and fiction. His portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects, from documentaries and commercials to television documentary series. His documentary “Ballroom Dancer” received critical acclaim and secured awards at festivals like Tribeca, Nordic Panorama, and London Raindance. The film offers an intimate portrayal of a retired ballroom dancer’s relentless pursuit to reclaim his elite status, ultimately losing everything in the process.

Bonke’s storytelling is distinguished by his fascination with the intricate nuances of the human psyche, especially its darker aspects. Whether working with professional actors or non-professionals, he demonstrates a unique talent for eliciting authentic performances.


Hercules Falling

Cowritten with Marianne Lentz

Youssef (44), a former soldier whose mental health has been worn thin by years of war, has moved away from his wife and son because of his uncontrollable temper.
At a veterans’ refuge on the Danish island of Strynø, he is thrown into a soul-searching journey as he struggles to rebuild his shattered life.
Youssef slowly begins to accept his vulnerability as he connects with other veterans and dedicates himself to therapy. As he improves, he becomes fully committed to winning back his family and returning to the man he once was. But mending the bonds proves difficult as he returns home and then realises that he can never fully recover and has damaged his loved ones for good.
Now his hopes for the future are splintered. All he has left is the military brotherhood and suddenly going back to war seems like a last resort. But is he ready to fully let go of his son?