Christian Volckman



Christian Volckman is a film director, scriptwriter, and artist.
In 1999, his short film MAAZ won over 100 prizes worldwide. Late 2006, Miramax released RENAISSANCE, his first feature with the vocal contribution of Daniel Craig, Jonathan Pryce, Romola Garai and Ian Holm. It won (Golden Crystal), at the Festival of Annecy.
Christian has directed several music videos and worked for famous French singers like Zaz, Chineseman, Roni Alter, CharlElie Couture, M.
In 2019 he directed and co-wrote THE ROOM with Olga Kurylenko and Kevin Janssens. An English-speaking film coproduced by Les Films du Poisson, Versus and Bidibul Productions. It won Best Film in Bucheon, and the audience award at the Festival fantastique de Strasbourg.
In 2022, Christian Volckman is also writting with Jimmy Bemon and Séverine McAllen his next supernatural thriller: THEIA.



Ever since some guru in India started destroying her poppy seed shipments, Sera, 45, head of a drug operation in London, has been losing her grip. She sent three killers
to get rid of this guru prick… unsuccessfully. After an attempt on her life, Sera must take the matter into her own hands. She flies to India and drags along Gabriel, her only son, to protect him. But the last thing aspiring writer and actual pothead Gabriel wants is to go on a “spiritual” trip to India with his crime lord Mum. When they reach an old temple in the heart of Nepal, Sera finds out that only the most worthy can meet the Guru. Just to get close to him, she and Gabriel have to go through a harrowing spiritual cleansing process. But
if for Sera everything about it is just awful, for Gabriel, the long hours of meditation and deprivation feel great. Gabriel is invited in the inner circle to serve the Guru personally: for Gabriel, a profound enlightening experience; for Sera, a long awaited opportunity. Especially since she got wind that a killer has been sent after her. Now Sera must put Gabriel through the wringer: he has to kill his beloved master if he wants to save his Mum.