Clarisse Goulart

& Business Affairs Executive


I’m a Development and Business Affairs Executive working for both Film and TV Series in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I started my career in 2000 working for the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival and also being the curator of Premiere Brazil New York (festival of Brazilian films at Museum of Modern Art). After several years working for the festival, I had several managing positions in important companies in the audiovisual industry in Brazil and for the past years I’ve been dedicated to Projects Development (mainly), Creative Production, IP management and business affairs. In my routine at Conspiração Filmes – leading independent production company in Brazil where I work as Head of Development – I get to follow the developmt of all the films we produce and take care of creative aspects during script writing. From finding IPs such as books, articles, podcasts, stories based in true events in general and original ideas to curating writers, researchers and consultants for each project. On a parallel note, from 2012 to 2016 I was the general coordinator of a Script Writers Program (in Globosat) that brought to Brazil big talents of TV writing in the US to help brazilian talents to improve their skills in writing TV shows.


As head of BA and Development at Conspiração, my credit of CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER can be seen in the selected fiction filmography below – all feature films, several genres, theatrical released in Brazil:
2018 – ENTRE IRMÃS (drama by Breno Silveira) – co-executive producer 2019 – KARDEC (biopic by Wagner Assis) – co-executive producer
2019 – O JUÍZO (thriller by Andrucha Waddington) – co-executive producer
2019 – VAI QUE COLA 2 (comedy by Cesar Rodrigues) – co-executive producer

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