Colette Quesson


France (Brittany)

Colette Quesson initiated A PERTE DE VUE* in 2011 to produce short and feature films, fiction, documentary and animation. Her wish is to support projects from scripts to distribution, and to produce open-minded, complex, and cinematographic films. *AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE… if possible, open the horizon! She wants to pursue international coproduction, to work in complementarity and allow the feasibility of ambitious projects.
In the 1990s, Colette Quesson was general coordinator of Angers European First Film Festival, « Premiers Plans », and worked, again with Claude-Eric Poiroux, to give birth to the European network of cinemas « Europa Cinemas ». In the 2000s, she was head of the Film Fund Ciclic-Région Centre, helping to finance independent productions and many first feature films.



POLLOCK & POLLOCK by Isabelle Rèbre, documentary, 82’
EVA WHISHES by Lisa Diaz, fiction, 55’
PARADISE by Paul Manate, fiction, 86′, (opening in France april 2020)

COLOR-BLIND by Ben Russell, non-fiction, 30′
TADPOLE by Jean-Claude Rozec, animation, 14′
VERTIGO by Nicole Zeizig, documentary, 52′
NOMADS by Olivier Coussemacq, fiction, 87′

In development in the company
FREE ZONE by Lisa Diaz, fiction, 90’
NOBODY WANTS TO BE A FIREMAN by Vincent Pouplard, documentary, 80’ & 52’
BORDERLINE by Guillaume Kozakiewiez, documentary, 60’
SKYMAN by Loïc Jourdain, documentary, 80’ & 52’
WILD GLOWS by Vincent Lapize, documentary, 80’
GERDA, FRIDA, JANETT by Léa Lanoë, documentary, 58’