Dahlia Nemlich


Lebanon & France

Dahlia Nemlich is a French-Lebanese director and producer. In 2020, she directed her first fiction film titled ROADBLOCK, a 16-minutes short, produced by Marine Vaillant of Dewberries Films, shot during the Lebanese Revolution.
Dahlia also directed and produced two music videos, BEIRUT, which garnered upwards of twenty thousand views on YouTube and Idak, still in post-production. She is currently developing a feature documentary on women in Lebanon, titled MOSAIC, with the renowned Lebanese journalist Claude Abounader-Hindi. In parallel to her work as a director, Dahlia has been a producer since 2011 working on series, features and digital content with TF1, Fullhouse production, Webedia and more recently The Talkies in Beirut.


Assa, like a fish in a bowl

Assaguedege, a young Ethiopian girl, just arrived in Lebanon to work for the Haddad family as their maid. In her tiny 4 square meter bedroom behind the kitchen, she works night and day to serve all the needs of the wealthy family in a deteriorating city. Deprived from her identity and her intimacy, she only has music as a refuge. Rami, the eldest son of the family, a music lover and Oud player quickly becomes charmed by her voice, as he accidentally overhears her singing.
He decides to teach her Arabic at night while everyone’s asleep. They rapidly notice their shared passion for music and begin mixing her Ethiopian singing to his oriental instrumental melodies, both learning from each other’s culture, and eventually falling in love; a love which has no space in a racist Lebanese society. As their love grows, they will attempt to understand each other, challenging the surrounding reality and judgements. Through music, will they find a way to transcend all those obstacles?