Dan Radu Mihai

Writer / Director


Dan Radu Mihai is a Romanian director and scriptwriter. After 15 years spent in advertising and
 publishing, he graduated film directing at the Media University of Cinematography and Television from Bucharest in 2009. Since then he directed four short films, music videos and commercials. In 2012, he founded Dash Film, an independent Romanian film production company, together with two other filmmakers. Now he is working on his first feature.



Six translators are challenged to translate a bestseller novel in their native languages. The novel will be released simultaneously worldwide. In order to protect the copyright of the text, the six translators are isolated in a house for two weeks. They are not allowed to communicate with anybody from outside. The translators have different nationalities. There are three men: a French, a Portuguese and a Turkish and three women: a Romanian, an Italian and a Russian. Bogdana has a weird habit. She records her sexual dates. Claudia tried to hide her nationality. Katerina has recently lost her father. Hassan is a successful writer, but he has an unbearable secret. Pedro spent last ten years documenting his twin brother’s life and Pierre is in the final stage of a terminal illness. When the two weeks end, nobody comes to pick them up from the house. As time passes and nobody comes to pick them up, the tension between them become unbearable.