Daphné Hérétakis

Writer / Director

Greece / France

Daphné Hérétakis was born in Paris in 1987. She gratuated from the University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis and the Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts. She makes films that combine documentary and fiction and is interested in the relationship between the intimate and the collective, private and public space, like in “Ici rien” (2011), “Archipels, granites dénudés” (2014), “Au revoi” (2016), “The seaweed in your hair” (2016).
Her films have sreened in festivals such as IFF Rottedam, EMAF, Visions du réel, Hors Pistes Pompidou, Entrevues de Belfort, Festival Européen du film court de Brest, Les États généraux du film documentaire, Films de Femmes Créteil. She lives and works between Paris and Athens.


We Kiss in Dark Nightclubs and I Explain

Alexandra and Zana are two young girls, wandering in the streets of Athens during one single day. They spend their time stealing, snacking in cafes, drinking, dancing, laughing and discussing their every day problems as they cross paths with friends and make hazardous encounters.
With phrases borrowed from freshly stolen books and a brand new fur coat, taken from a rich restaurant customer, they reinvent themselves constantly in a playful manner, looking for something exciting to finally happen to them.
Their quest gradually takes them away from the city center. We enter an almost mental time/space, as if their disjointed minds progressively contaminated the structure of the film. A post-modern Odyssey begins, a pilgrimage on the ruins of our contemporary societies made under the sign of vandalism.