Edon Rizvanolli


Kosovo & The Netherlands

Edon Rizvanolli is an actor and filmmaker from Kosovo who flees his home country when war breaks out. He first settles in Austria and starts his acting career in 1992, in Salzburg. Four years later he moves to New York and is admitted at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute where he studies acting. Upon his return to Vienna in 1998, he directs his first short film and writes two screenplays, which get financing from the Austrian Film Commission. Concurrently he is employed as a theatre actor and a radio program maker/presenter for the Austrian Broadcast Corporation.
In 1999 Edon returns to Kosovo and works as a director, writer and editor on various projects ranging from music videos to documentaries and feature films. Since 2007 he lives in Amsterdam and works as an actor and director. UNWANTED, which he writes and directs in 2017, is his feature debut and has its world premiere in Karlovy Vary, is Kosovo’s 2018 Oscar nominee and travels to numerous festivals worldwide, winning several prizes. He is currently in the preproduction phase for his second feature film. Edon is a member of the European Film Academy.



Bekim, an immigrant in his fifties, has created a family, friendships and memories in his new homeland, The Netherlands. But when his Dutch wife passes away unexpectedly and his son moves out for studies, he starts to feel estranged and begins to question his place in society. In search of belonging, he visits his motherland Albania but realises that the place where he grew up does not feel like home anymore either and that he needs to redefine himself. IDENTITY is a movie about loss, grief and the yearning to belong.