Eva Zabezsinszkij

Script consultant


Éva Zabezsinszkij is Hungarian filmmaker – scriptwriter, script consultant, story editor and casting director.
She studied Hungarian and Russian literature at ELTE University. In 2012 she graduated at SZFE Hungarian Academy of Film as screenwriter and producer. During the university she worked with Kornél Mundruczó in several European theatre projects, and from 2014 with Árpád Schilling. She worked with Laszló Nemes in SON OF SAUL, which won the American Academy Award USA Best Foreign Language Film prize, Cannes Grand Prix, Golden Globe Best Motion Picture. She worked with László Nemes on SUNSET awarded in Venice International Film Festival. In 2018 she was co-writer in film HIER of Balint Kenyeres premiered in Locarno Film Festival. In 2019 she worked as co-writer with Judit Olah’s documentary EPIPO (in competition CPH:DOX). In 2015 she became member of the Hungarian National Film Fund (from 2020 Hungarian National Film Institute) Dramaturg Committee, and got experienced in professional script development. In the last 5 years she developed more than 50 feature, documentary and animation projects.

Main professional experiences

THE STORY OF MY WIFE (A feleségem története) • Ildikó Enyedi 2018 post-production, script consultant
SUNSET (Napszállta) • László Nemes 2018 Venice Film Festival in competition Fipresci Prize, script consultant, casting director
HIER (Tegnap) • Bálint Kenyeres 2018 Locarno Film Festival in competition, co-writer
ICY WIND Árpád Schilling 2016 Burgtheater Wien, co-writer
THE DAY OF FURY Árpád Schilling 2015 Krétakör Foundation, Onassis Cultural Centre Athens, co-writer
WEEKEND (Víkend) Áron Mátyássy 2015, script editor
SON OF SAUL (Saul fia) László Nemes 2014, Academy Award USA Best Foreign Language Film, Golden Globe Best Motion Picture, Bafta Best Film not in English Language, script consultant, casting director, Hungarian dialogues
THE AGE OF THE POSSESSED Kornél Mundruczó 2011 Hamburg Thalia Theater, co-writer
ESTHER SOLYMOSI Kornél Mundruczó 2010 Schauspiel Hannover, co-writer
LAST DAYS (Utolsó idők) Áron Mátyássy 2009, Hungarian Film Week Grand Prize, story editor