Fanny Ovesen



Fanny Ovesen has a bachelor in Social Sciences and Media from Sweden, and a director’s degree from The Norwegian Film School. Her graduation film from the latter, SHE-PACK, premiered at the Berlinale in 2019 and has won numerous awards since then – among them an Amanda Award for Best Norwegian Short.
For her upcoming feature LAURA Fanny won the Nordic Talents Pitch Prize, as well as the Swedish Film Institute’s development funding Wild Card to explore the project audiovisually. She was also awarded the Anna Prize for the project’s relevance to the UN Women’s Convention.
In 2020 Fanny directed 4 out of 8 episodes on the Norwegian drama series NACH for Discovery+. In 2021 she directed the Swedish Television series ALL THAT REMAINS, based on the book with the same title by Sandra Beijer. The show will premiere in 2022.


The author

The author Hege wants to tell important stories that are relevant to society. When she chooses to write a book based on a family on the verge of economic collapse, she is forced to ask herself how altruistic her motives really are.
THE AUTHOR is a satirical multi-protagonist drama which scrutinizes idealism and explores the idea of true human goodness from the perspectives of its different characters.