Gabrielle Brady


UK & Autralia

Gabrielle Brady is a British / Settler-Australian screen writer and director. THE FLIGHTLESS BIRD (W.T) is her first fiction feature. Her previous non-fiction works have been screened at Berlinale, Vision Du Reel, IDFA, NY Museum of Moving Image and the London Institute of Contemporary Arts, among others. Her feature hybrid documentary ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS was awarded best documentary at Tribeca film festival, was nominated for an Independent Spirit award and was released in cinemas throughout Europe, Australia and the U.S. Gabrielle is in production on her next feature hybrid documentary THE WOLVES ALWAYS COME AT NIGHT. She is a Berlinale talents and Doc station alumni and has attended artist in residency at the Guanajuato film residency and more recently Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto. Gabrielle studied the three year documentary direction course at the EICTV school in Cuba and is currently based in Berlin.


Rare Birds

Nina (35) is an ecologist working for a successful ecological consultancy firm in the the lush hyper-color tropics of northern Australia. Living with her husband and small daughter in their beautiful newly renovated house, Nina’s ordered life is interrupted when she unexplainably starts walking in her sleep at night to the nearby rainforest. Not knowing if she is dreaming, Nina does not disclose her nightly escapades to anyone. When it becomes clear she is wandering and that her voyages are becoming more dangerous, she tries confiding in those close to her to find that no one accepts her accounts. When birds start crashing in to their newly built feature window, Nina finds that her growing disturbances can not be quietened. THE FLIGHTLESS BIRD (W.T) is a metaphysical ghost story that explores the uncanny sensation of guilt, denial and complicity.