Gabrielle Brady


UK & Autralia

Gabrielle Brady is an Australian film maker currently based in Berlin. Her work involves creative collaborations with non- professional actors with a focus on performance and co-scripting in documentary settings.
Her debut hybrid documentary film ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS was shown worldwide in festivals, collected over 40 prizes and won the award for best film at Tribeca. Gabrielle’s work has featured at Berlinale, MOMA NY, the Institute of Contemporary Arts London and IDFA and has been nominated for an independent spirit award. Gabrielle’s second feature film THE WOLVES ALWAYS COME AT NIGHT is set for festival and cinema release in early 2024 and was supported through ARTE “La Lucerne” spot for auteur film makers. Gabrielle studied film direction at “La Escuela Internacional de Cine” (EICTV) in Cuba.
RARE BIRDS is her first fiction film.


Rare Birds

Celebrated ornithologist Nina has a tight grip on her plans for the future. She is building her dream home deep in the tropics of northern Australia, taking the ruins of the colonial house she grew up in and transforming it with the help of her architect husband Noah into an eco house vision. Together they face the pressure to complete construction before the onset of cyclone season.
With her beloved daughter Val, she explores the wonders of the area with the same curiosity of her childhood gaze.
At her work it’s more complicated. Nina maps the presence of endangered species for a development company, when an indigenous ’guide’ promises to shut down all development projects in the region, including her house, if the fabled Regent bird is sighted.
A piercing sound starts following Nina from her house to the rainforest where she is attacked by something unseen leaving a huge wound across her face – which no one seems to notice. Nina’s tightly controlled plan is crumbling until Nina herself is unravelling spectacularly out of control.