Giil Taws

Writer / Director


Giil Taws, born in Rennes (Brittany) has produced, wrote and directed full length documentary and fiction films. His first movies Lundi (Monday) was handling the subject of drug addiction, while Loa (shot in Iceland), his second one, was dealing with dreams and had a sharp surrealistic edge. The One Who Made It Rain, shot in Mongolia, produced in Iceland and Brittany, was selected in festivals around the world. It marked the beginning of his collaboration with DOP Istvan Borbas.
 Simultaneously, he directed a full length documentary, Gathering with the Mend of Sioa, which describes the sheperding of thousands of sheep with icelandic farmers from South Iceland.


Tro Fañch

An overambitious cycle dealer is hurled forward into a bicycle trip in Brittany and rediscovers the beauties of the world that surrounds him.
Tro Fañch is a micro road-movie on a bike. It is based on an idea: the possible rediscovery of wonder. The movie will be in stereoscopic 3D in Brittany and will explore amazement as a poetic experience.