Giulio Rizzo

Writer / Director


Giulio Rizzo graduated in 2015 in screenwriting from the CSC – National Film School in Rome. After that, he has been working as a stage writer, screenwriter, production assistant and assistant director on short films and documentaries. Among others, he wrote INSETTI (20’), and COLLA (30’), both screened in many film festivals around the world.
In 2017 the feature screenplay MONA, which he co-wrote with Marco Morana and director Grazia Tricarico, won the Claudia Sbarigia – Solinas Award for best depiction of the feminine universe, and is now under development at Revok Film.
A teamwork enthusiast, Giulio works as a script assistant on a TV series while taking part in many other projects with emerging authors. 13-BIS is his first feature as a director.



It’s the hottest day of summer in Roman suburbia. A small, deserted number 13-bis bus drives through the empty streets. The commuters wish they were somewhere else, back at home. When the bus driver sees a boy trying to pickpocket an old man, fed up, he stops the bus and obliges the old man, the victim, to press charges against the boy. They wait for the police to come.
Hysterical, frustrated, the bus driver is struggling to do something right, to help a boy who doesn’t want to be helped when no one else cares. Because that same very day, the bus driver’s life changed forever. He’d received the result of his fertility test: he is sterile. Taking care of the boy-thief is his way of dealing with it, to prove to himself that he can make a difference.
Being constantly defeated in his struggle brings the bus driver to fall apart, until he takes extreme action: he commits a massacre.