Gjorce Stavreski

Writer / Director

North Macedonia

Born in Skopje, Macedonia. Graduated from the department of film direction at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje. An awarded film and video professional who has made films, documentaries and (over 100) commercials, working as director, producer and screenwriter. His films were shown on many festivals throughout the world where he has won international awards. Owner of Fragment Film production company.



A small-time criminal gets out of jail and is shocked when his pregnant girlfriend tells him that she has decided to give their baby for an adoption. When he tries to change her mind, her violent brother beats him, saying he’s too poor to support a family.
Our hero hears a local myth about a gangster who supposedly had become rich by swapping things and is hooked. He starts a trading spree: he swaps old vinyls for ninja stars, vintage porn VHSes for a
dog who can sniff expensive mushrooms, a guitar for state-of-the-art stereo system.
Along the way he meets a junky filmmaker, a musician hooked on porn, a lonely woman who lost her limb and a gangster who tricks him with a faulty stereo. Sadly, with every swap he seems further away from his goal: showing to his girlfriend and to the world that he’s a worthy man who can raise a family.