Grzegorz Jaroszuk

Writer / Director


Grzegorz Jaroszuk was born in 1983, in Warsaw. In 2011 he graduated from The Polish Film School in Lodz. Since 2012 Jaroszuk is a member of European Film Academy. His short film Frozen Stories received in 2011 numerous awards and nominations at film festivals around the world. Among others, he received Pianifica Prize at the 64th Locarno Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize at AFI FEST in Los Angeles. The film was also shown on festivals in Munich, Warsaw, Gdynia, Leuven, Es-sonne and St. Petersburg.
His first feature fiction film « Kebab and Horscope » was premiered at Karlovy Vary Film Festival in 2014. « Kebab and Horoscope » won the prize for the best debut at the Raindance Film Festival and at Rome Independent Film Festival.
In 2014 he made short fiction film in France « Mine de rien ». The film won the prize for the best short fiction film at Cracow Film Festival in 2015.
In 2020 he finished his second feature film « Dear ones ».


Book of Questions

Klaudia (31) lives in a small village, has a husband and two daughters, goes to church every week. Klaudia decides to join the parish biblical group because she discovers that she doesn’t see the Bible’s connection with her life. The group is led by priest Marek (36), but controlled by Grażyna (65), the priest’s house- keeper. Klaudia suggests that the group should update the Bible by writing a new book – Book of Questions, consisting only of questions about the life of a modern person. There is competition between Klaudia and Grażyna in updating the Bible. Grażyna manages to convince Marek to support her version. Grażyna excludes Klaudia from the group. Klaudia through participation in a biblical group discovered that she was not happy in her life so far and that she has fallen in love with a priest. Klaudia decides to fight for her place in the group and for the love. Klaudia in effect wants to kill Grażyna, but accidentally kills a random person. Klaudia goes to prison. Nobody understands why Klaudia killed. Klaudia looses her life but is happy