Hanis Bagashov

Writer / Director

North Macedonia

Hanis Bagashov was born in 1999, in North Macedonia. Studies film directing at NATFA in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is Berlinale Talents and Sarajevo Talents alumnus. His short film Mishko (2018) was selected at over 60 international festivals, including Sarajevo Film Festival. As an actor, Hanis plays one of the leading roles in the feature film When the Day Had No Name (Berlinale, 2017) by Teona Strugar Mitevska, and Sister by Dina Duma (in post-production). As a photographer, he had an exhibition of his photographs at the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje in 2017.


Lounge Lizards

Aisha and Sabedin, a middle-aged couple, live in an isolated place by a lake surrounded by lush nature. Sabedin is a former firefighter who has lost his legs in a fire of their neighbour’s house, 30 years ago and lives in his old truck parked in the yard. Aisha embroiders wedding dresses and lives in the house. Their mutual existence is a silent war; they eat separately, sleep separately, and hardly talk to each other at all. One day, Sabedin decides to sell the house to investors, and with the money he buys an engine for his old fire truck, while Aisha is forced to live in a trailer. To take revenge, Aisha starts having truck driving classes with her nephew Bekim, the son of her dead sister with whom Sabedin had an affair and made her pregnant, before the tragedy happened. His short film project in development GRASSHOPPERS is selected for European Short Pitch – NISI MASA 2020.