Harry Ayiotis

Writer / Director


I am a former lawyer turned self-taught filmmaker from Cyprus who has written and directed three short films. I have worked as a camera assistant and DIT in feature films before writing and directing my own work. My shorts have been selected to various festivals and have won awards all around the world.
I am now working in television development in Germany. In 2017, I co-developed the pilot and bible for “The Midnight Shift” as part of the Midpoint TV Launch program. The project won the Best Series Concept HBO Europe Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival 2017. This year I have graduated from Serial Eyes, a Berlin based post graduate program on television development. I am currently working on developing two of my own original television series with a German producer and one as a co-developer with HBO Europe in the Czech Republic.


Salt on Wound
Εξαφθοριούχο Βολφράμιο

“Salt on Wound” is a hypnotic, psychedelic thriller, exploring with energizing immediacy the cataclysmic sway of family and fate.
Salome runs a seemingly ordinary overnight delicatessen that offers not only delicious food but also something very unusual. Inside the storage room, a secret “for profit” service offers grief-relief to people in mourning using a synthetic hallucinogen.
One night, a local gangster, hooked on the grief relief drug commits suicide inside the delicatessen. Salome and her brother Mario have to pay the price, which involves kidnapping, depressed Serbian goons, eccentric mystic hermits and spooky aberrations armed with deadly puns.
Over the course of this nocturnal adrenalized odyssey, the siblings will try to reconnect whilst their already rocky siblingship is being pushed to its brink by ghosts from the past.