Irma Pužauskaitė



After working in film finance for Creative Europe and the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, she decided to dive into the creative side of film and was fortunate enough to receive numerous scholarships to attend LMU Film School in Los Angeles for her Master degree in Film&TV Production. She received the Faculty Award for her thesis short film, The « Morning After ». She is an Alumni of the Incubator Lab at Film Independent (US) and EKRAN+ at Wajda School (Poland). In 2016, Irma established an educational group called “Directors Lab”. Together with professional actors she started “Vilnius Actors Studio”. Irma is currently in post-production of her debut feature film “9th Step”.


Sofia’s world

A man’s sexually transmitted disease entangles his wife in a marriage where she is forced to consider the cost of keeping their family together.

Sophia is a Norwegian émigré who recently took up the role of principal at an international middle school in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her American husband Adam and their son Jonas have only started to adopt their new home when Sophia learns about Adam’s serial infidelity and a sexually transmitted disease he unknowingly passed onto her. Sophia’s world shatters but she tries to find ways to keep their family together. After Adam’s relapse she is finally forced to break free and face what hides beneath her carefully curated self.