Jasna Nanut

Writer / Director


I was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1975. After fifteen years of working in TV business, I decided to move on and become a filmmaker. I obtained a Masters degree in Film and Television Directing, Specialization Fiction Film, at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, in 2016.
During my studies, I wrote and directed four shorts that participated in Zagreb Film Festival, Plans d’Angers, Poitiers Film Festival and many others. My graduate film « Playing the Tiger » was awarded with the Croatian Film Critics Award and so was my first professional short « Tanya » a year later.
I started developing my first feature film in 2017. In the meantime, another story came to my mind, so I started writing my second script « Birdie ».



BUGA (25) is an immigrant working for a big pharmaceutical company. She came to this unnamed European town from an East European country in order to finish her doctorate and find a better future. Her boss JOHANN (mid 40s) keeps a close eye on her. Watching Buga through a window on her office door, she reminds him of an exotic bird, caged in her office. He starts falling for her. Suspense arises every time they meet, but Johann’s responsibilities of being her superior, her mentor and her father figure are working against him. He knows that when Buga finishes her doctorate, the power game might change. She might take off to a bigger city, a better job, a higher pay – what else could be the point? The big question is will this man who takes life very seriously cross the line for the first time in his life?