Jatla Siddartha

Writer / Director


Born to director father and actress mother, Siddartha grew up with filmmaking. He is a cinematography graduate of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) and was admitted admission in cinematography at Asian Film Academy as part of cultural exchange program in Busan Film Festival. Siddhartha was also awarded Kodak Scholarship for his excellence in Cinematography at his film school. His first short film, The Artist, premiered at Busan in 2012.
His first feature, Love and Shukla (2017) had its World Premiere at Busan and subsequently followed by Tallinn. He cinematographed, directed, co produced, and co edited this film. The film has continued to travel onto more than 35 international film festivals, including receiving the NETPAC award and Signis award and many others. It has been sold to NETFLIX. His second feature In the Belly of a Tiger has got Busan Script development Fund (ACF) and further participated in NFDC film lab and is part of Less is More (2019).


In the Belly of a Tiger

Inspired by true events, at the far edges of India Shining, an elderly couple in a remote village in Northern India must decide who will be killed by a tiger to get government compensation for their family’s survival.