Jelena Miseljic



Jelena Mišeljić (1987) has graduated from Faculty of Drama Arts in Montenegro. In 2013, she started a production company Cut-Up and since then was a producer of short films Shelters (Zakloni, dir: Ivan Salatić, 2014; Special Jury Award at Sarajevo Film Festival), A Matter of Will (Biserna obala, dir: Dušan Kasalica, 2015; Heart of Sarajevo for Best Short Film at Sarajevo Film Festival) and executive producer of feature film Lowdown (Ispod mosta, među stijenama, dir: Pavle Simonović, 2016). Experienced in video production, arts and culture project management, and had also worked as programme coordinator for film and performing arts festivals (Herceg Novi Film Festival, International TV Festival Bar, Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children). Member of EWA network. Sarajevo Talents 2011 and Berlinale Talents 2017 alumni.