Judith Lichtneckert



Studies of Media Science, Sociology and English Literature & Linguistics in Basel. From 2001 – 2012 she joined “point de vue” Basel working on documentaries. From 2005 on she focused on fiction films and worked on many fiction features, TV movies, serials and commercials as an AD, PM and producer. 2013 founding of Emilia Productions. 2016 release of her first feature doc as a director. After managing six seasons of the Swiss TV Serial THE UNDERTAKER she joined the Zurich based Snakefilm in 2019, producing the CH/H coproduction mystery-drama THE BLACK SPIDER. In 2020 she also founded Perron X GmbH in Basel – with which she is currently internationally coproducing ELECTRIC CHILD, a sci-fi drama by Simon Jaquemet. Since 2013 she has been attending various workshops and seminars in dramaturgy and script development.

Producer filmography

2022 – DIE SCHWARZE SPINNE (THE BLACK SPIDER) by Markus Fischer – Feature
2021 – LES NOUVELLES EVES by Camille Budin, Annie Gisler, Jela Hasler, Thais Odermatt, Wendy Pillonel, Anna Thommen – Documentary
2019 – TO THE SEA by Julian M. Grünthal – Fiction Short
2016 – RESET – RESTART by Judith Lichtneckert – Documentary
2016 – A1 – EIN STREIFEN SCHWEIZER STRASSE by Tobi & Mike Müller – TV Doc
2015 – DER POLDER by Samuel Schwarz & Julian M. Grünthal – Fiction
2011 – MARY & JOHNNY by Samuel Schwarz, Julian M. Grünthal – Fiction
2011 – FRITZ HAUSER_KLANGWERKER by Erich Busslinger – Documentary TV
2013 – DER BESTATTER – TV Serial (2013. 2018, 36 episodes x 58 min.)