Writer / Director


Born in Vilnius, 1987, Karolis Kaupinis holds an MA in Comparative Politics and works as an international news editor in Lithuanian National TV. His first short fiction film The Noisemaker was selected to Pardi di domani competion in Locarno Film Festival and has been travelling around festivals ever since, wining several awards in the Baltics. Kaupinis’ second short Watchkeeping was premiered in 2017.


Nova Litunania

It’s year 1938. As the danger of war increases in the neighbourhood of his native country, a professor of geography comes across an idea of a ”reserve homeland” – a colony on an island where the whole population could be resettled in case of attack. He explores the possible territories for resettlement and tries to persuade his government. Nobody around him treats the threat or the proposed solution seriously. Nobody except the prime minister who suffers from unrequited love for a young musician. Dreaming to abandon his current responsibilities and escape with his love, the prime minister starts supporting the idea of “Reserve Lithuania” wholeheartedly. The success of the idea turns to be tied up to the success of prime minister’s love affair. While trying to help the prime minister in his love story, Katinas draws musician’s fascination to himself instead and remains with a choice between his personal promised land and love.