Lana Barić



Lana Barić earned her acting degree from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. Since 2011 she has been a member of the drama ensemble at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. She has acted in more than forty stage productions and in as many films and TV series, receiving numerous awards and accolades. The short film SNOW WHITE is her directorial debut which screened at around 50 film festivals all over the world. She also wrote the screenplay and played the lead role.

In 2023, she’s working on her directorial feature debut called EVE AFTER THE FALL which she developed at TorinoFilmLab and EAVE professional training for project development. The film already received support from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) and is in a pre-production phase. At the same time, she’s developing her second feature TIBIDABO at LIM | Less is More film development lab.



Olga is moving into a new apartment. Soon she meets Marija, her neighbour from across the hall who asks Olga to take her little stray dog for a walk because she has back pain. When she returns from the walk, Olga realizes Marija disappeared and left her with the dog. Olga is puzzled, attempts to find out where Marija is but fails. After a while, young Irina moves into Marija’s apartment. She’s a single mom to a little baby Natalija. Olga befriends Irina and they grow close. She gets attached to both her and the little girl. One day Irina will disappear, too, leaving Olga with Natalija. Olga is confused, she now has a child and a dog. Very soon, a policeman called Andrej will move into the apartment across and befriend Olga, too. They start spending time and decide to move in together. Olga ends up having a family she never thought she’d have. Strange sequence of events doesn’t stop occurring and her life takes a completely different turn much to her own surprise.