Lina Luzyte

Writer / Director


Lina Luzyte was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. She’s a graduate in Film Directing of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. In 2016 L. Luzyte shot her first feature film TOGETHER FOR EVER, which had its world premiere in Karlovy Vary Film Festival. In 2010 Lina shot IGRUSHKI, which won the Main Award at the CineDoc Tbilisi festival. In 2009 she wrote and directed IT WOULD BE SPLENDID, YET, a short film, which has been selected for over fifteen international festivals and has won several awards.



Four male friends go for a fishing weekend and discover a girl’s body. Dainius, a kind but rather indecisive guy, wants to call police immediately but his Cop friend suggests they fish first and deal with the body afterwards – the girl’s dead anyway.
Seeing his friends side with the Cop, and afraid of rejection, Dainius puts his convictions aside and teams up with the others.
While his friends fish and drink reassured by the Cop’s authority, Dainius is uneasy but too weak to act. Until finally, two days later, they learn that the Cop has recently been sacked. Panicking, the men now have to deal with the body on their own.
Dainius calls the police hoping they will arrest or at least punish him, hoping to find redemption this way.
But the police find neither Dainius nor his friends guilty. The girl most certainly drowned and the men have done nothing wrong.
While the Cop triumps in his cynicism, Dainius still feels at fault and dirty and doesn’t know how to find his redemption.