Luca Zuberbühler



Luca is a Swiss director, writer and editor. In 2013, he completed his Bachelor’s degree with his diploma film “Lothar”, which won the H.R. Giger Narcisse Award and Méliès d’Argent for Best European Fantasy Short Film. In 2016, he moved to Brussels where he studied at Luca School of Arts and l’Atelier de Direction d’Acteurs with Beatriz Flores Silva. Along the way, he worked as an editor for various projects, including the Oscar-nominated live action short film “Ala Kachuu”. In 2021 he decided to devote himself to screenwriting and was fortunate enough to be selected for the Drehbuchwerkstatt Munich with his story “Evolution”, now in development with a production company in Zurich. He focuses on socially critical fantasy stories and is currently writing several feature films, including “Heads”



In a desolate future, humans have evolved into bodiless, pure heads. One head named Sam wants to join the next generation and become a pure brain. When she accidentally experiences an orgasm, however, Sam senses that something is missing. Her longing for physical sensations and intimate connection grows to unbearable levels. Her desperate desire for more triggers an explosive revolt. Despite the consequences, Sam courageously pursues the truth in a world where sex is only a distant memory.

Photo Aleksandr M. Vinogradov