Luka Bursac

Writer / Director


Luka Bursac is a film director and producer from Belgrade, born in 1990.
He graduated in 2014 from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade with the feature film Tmina.
In 2017, Bursac debuted with film Afterparty, a dark comedy that deals with the lives of belgrade adolescents and ironically questions the epitome of “clubbing capital” that European tourists assigned to Belgrade. The film won Best Debut Film award at the 46th FEST, winning various awards at local festivals and having its world premiere at the Raindance Festival.
Bursac also worked on numerous music videos, short films, and ads as assistant, creative director, and producer. He is owner of production company Mashina&Zec


War Machinery

The year is 1995.
Serbia is under sanctions and Yugoslavia is falling apart devastated by the civil war. However, that does not stop the Belgrade youth from dancing to the sounds of authentic techno music of a talented DJ duo called “WAR MACHINERY”.Max, the main star of the collective, spends his days wandering the streets of Belgrade in search of good heroin. His destructive behavior attracts the attention of Boško, a confectioner with a dubious past. Seduced by Bosch’s warmth, maturity and strength, Max is increasingly drawn into a darkspiral of violence and crime.