Maaike Neve



Maaike neve (1991) graduated from the University of Amsterdam in Media & Culture where she wrote her thesis on Dutch Children’s films.
During her internship at BIND in 2014 her passion for films and stories grew. In 2015 she worked on different film sets as production manager.
Since March 2016 she is working at BIND where she’s produced television movie JUNGLE (Rockie Award nominee, winner of the Dutch academy award, etc.), the short film GAMECHANGER (SXSW nominee, winner at LA shorts, winner at Interfilm Berlin, etc.) and VR film SUPERSTAR vR.
BIND’s objective is to tell striking, unique stories that move and inspire, eye-openers that take root. BIND develops and produces sincere, provocative films about real people and their quest for identity. Films that have proven to be a powerful way to portray contemporary topics in an intriguing or surprising manner. Our aim is to create an effective connection between engaged filmmakers and their audience.