Magnus B. B. Lysbakken



Magnus B. B. Lysbakken is a writer, director and cinematographer, working in the intersection between fiction and documentary. He started his career in the Danish film industry, where he made his screenwriting debut with the feature film LOVERS in 2017, directed by Niels Kaa. In 2022 he graduated from the Norwegian Film School with a master’s degree in Directing Fiction, specializing in working with youth and combining film production with social outreach. He also holds a BA in Film Science and a BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Copenhagen. Magnus’ films explore the social dynamics of small communities, with a special emphasis on the relationship between children and adults.


The Rhythms

A film about tractors in convoys, snow outside the window, children breathing and learning. In a tall block lives a nine-year-old boy. The rhythms of his life and of the community, and how this boy clings to his father’s new girlfriend, who struggles to understand his intense physicality.