Marek Baranowski



Born in 1990.
Student of culture studies and screenwriting in Łodz Film School. Primarily a comedy writer. Author of a hit web series Nieprzygotowani with an average 3mln views per video. Writer of a short feature Short Distance which won a second prize at the Gdynia film festival in 2017.


Night in the Kindergarten

The parents’ kindergarten council meets to rehearse for a Christmas play they organize for their kids. Unexpectedly, Eryk, who dates the mother of 5-year-old Tytus, one of the preschoolers, shows up at the meeting, being its only childless participant. During the rehearsal, Eryk discovers a secret plan of charismatic Justyna, who intends to convince most of the parents to expel Tytus from the kindergarten. The council’s meeting turns into a “court trial” over the naughty 5-year-old. Eryk decides to defend the boy, whom he doesn’t like. At first, he defends the kid for selfish reasons, but then he destroys the bizarre network of parental relations in the kindergarten and gets ready to become a parent.
A NIGHT IN THE KINDERGARTEN is Poland in a nutshell, seen through the lens of stressed parents and one aspiring stepfather, who accidentally steps into the middle of parental hell.