Marie-Clementine Dusabejambo

Writer / Director


Born in Kigali (Rwanda), Marie-Clementine DUSABEJAMBO is self-taught filmmaker since 2008 and engineer in electronics and telecommunication by training. Her films, have played in many film festivals and Televisions around the world; have international recognitions and awards including: THOMA SANKA prizes in FESPACO 2017, Cinit award in Milano Festival 2012, the Ousmane Sembene Award and Golden Dhow in ZIFF 2016, Two Bronze Tanit in JCC (Tunis) and the EFERE OZAKO Award during AMAA awards 2017.


Children of God!

VENERANDA,45, a social worker and genocide survivor, seems to lead a peaceful and reserved life. In a period where justice must be done by traditional means: the word of the victim against that of the perpetrator, She has turned her office into a place where other women come to collect, confide in her. VENERANDA sees her life turned upside down when she learns that her daughter, born of genocide rape, is pregnant with a boy presumed to come from a HUTU Family, the ethnicity responsible for the genocide. Convinced that her daughter was raped by a HUTU, VENERANDA decides to terminate her daughter’s pregnancy and her relationship. VENERANDA is frightened that her Life story begins to repeat itself through her daughter’s. In a country where reconciliation is imperative, a choice VENERANDA has to make is to let those of the afterlife rest in peace and move forward with the living, or to build a bridge between these two worlds.