Marija Apcevska


North Macedonia

Marija Apcevska has a BA in Directing from FDA, Skopje and MA in Film and Media Production, NYFA, Los Angeles. Her shorts travelled to festivals worldwide and won several awards. BARDO premiered at Berlinale while AMBI, apart from the festival circuit, was listed at Cineuropa’s Top 5 Shorts of 2017. Her new short, NORTH POLE was one of the winning projects at European Short Pitch 2019 and shooting has just finished. She is currently developing her first feature, SPRING CLEANING. She also works as director of TV series and advertising campaigns.


Spring Cleaning

Strange things start happening in Suzana’s house. Actually, it is Vera’s house, her late mother, and she has been there for years, while living abroad. She is back now, as Vera apparently committed suicide. Reserved and quiet, Suzana seems more Nordic than a Balkan woman, one that has everything figured out. But the visit doesn’t go as planned. First, there are few washed dishes in the sink. For Suzana it is only a sign of a provincial, door to door mentality she hates. But then there is a settled bed, even a warm cup of coffee. The house is cleaned and maintained perfectly each time she goes out. And there is no logical explanation behind it, at least not one she can figure out at the moment. Is it possible that the ghost of Vera is back and trying to teach her some lessons? Is it revenge or is it love? Or is she simply going crazy? Mixing elements of drama, comedy and horror, Spring-Cleaning is an emotional but hopefully not sentimental story about ghosts, forgiveness and identity.