Marija Kavtaradzė



Marija Kavtaradzė’s short film “I’m Twenty Something” won best student film at the Lithuanian Film Academy Awards in 2015. Kavtaradzė also co-wrote the feature film “The Saint,” which premiered at Busan IFF and Warsaw ISFF in 2016. In 2017 the film had a theatrical release in Lithuania, where it grossed more than 250,000 euro. “Summer Survivors” is her feature debut.


Devils’ Den

Devil’s Den is a coming of age horror film. Idea was developed in Less is More pre-writing workshop. Film tells a story of Benas – a teenager who is too smart and ironic for his own good. His father takes him to a reformation summer camp – the camp where children with behavioral issues reform and become better. Benas get bullied in the camp, finds it hard to connect with peers in this very regime heavy camp. His misfortunes eventually leads him to meet the Mother, a charismatic woman, who is actually the leader of the camp – the Mother offers Benas to take the revenge on his bullies by giving him a power to bind the camp to his will. But that is only the start. Devil’s Den is an exploration of teenage angst and fear as well as the exploration of teenage sexuality, against a backdrop of an authoritarian summer camp.